Monday, June 22, 2020

FURLOUGH 2020 Motels On Covid

Part of furlough for a missionary is living out of a suitcase and sleeping in several different places each week.  Sometimes the church has a mission's apartment.  Sometimes we stay with a family.   Sometimes we stay in motels.  Even though so many businesses closed during the COVID restrictions, motels were considered essential and have remained opened.  However, their service has greatly changed.  

One of the things our children look forward to while traveling is the motel breakfasts.   Our first meeting, which was a mission's conference, they thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy,  yogurt, cereal, bagels, juice and coffee.  But then....COVID happened, and all changed.   

So what does a motel breakfast on COVID restriction look like?  We have noticed a trend - if it is a nicer motel then there will be no breakfast of any kind served.  The middle class motels will serve a sack breakfast with water, granola bar and a fruit.  During our trip out to California, we stayed two nights in New Mexico at the cheapest place we could find, and they were the most generous with juice, 2 granola bars, fruit cup, fruit, muffin and yogurt.  Sad to say, most of the motels have done away with coffee.  After three consecutive days of staying in different motels, none with coffee, I think it must have started showing on our countenances.  We attended a Wednesday night service that was being live-streamed with few attending.  Because of social distancing, we just sat in our seats and greeted people who were close-by.  A  staff member greeted us and offered us bottles of water, but then added the fact that they could bring us coffee, too.  He probably thought we were going to pounce on him.  We were so elated to get a cup of coffee...and it was very good!

We don't know what changes will remain permanent in the hotel industry, but we certainly hope that they bring back their breakfasts and especially the COFFEE!

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