Sunday, June 24, 2018


Can 16 people fit into an 8 passenger van?

Today I asked the deaf man who attends our church to introduce us to some of his deaf friends so that we could invite them to church.  He took us to town and said he knew that three of them were watching the World Cup on television.  We waited outside the place and soon many people started coming out of the building.  We thought, "Surely these aren't all deaf; he mentioned just three."  But these people came across the street to us, and we were soon surround by 11 deaf.

The lady to the right is a deaf teacher.

What a fun time we had learning their names, what work they do, and where they live.  They wanted to know where our church was, but they kept thinking it was very far away.  I suggested I take some of them and show them where the church was located.  I was unprepared for all of them to join the four that were with me, but all 16 of us took the trip to the church.  After showing them the buildings, they gathered around me as I shared the Gospel with all of them.

This shows 12 people; 4 more are in the front seats!

My heart's desire for years has been to reach out to the deaf, and I am blessed with nine students who faithfully attend class and who are willing to sign with their limited vocabulary.  I have so many more signs to learn.  I am not fluent, but I have asked God to bless my efforts.  Please pray that I can rapidly learn more signs and better understand the deaf and make sure that they understand the Gospel clearly.

The man to the left is the one who attends church.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


June 12, 1993
Where does one start to describe what a blessing it is to be married to my best friend for 25 years.  
I love being married.  I love being married to Keith.
I love the fact that God has been the center of our marriage, 
and that we are able to serve Him together.

A Young Love That Has Grown So Much Stronger!
I was just 9 years old when my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary.

1982 - My Family for My Parent's 25th 
Keith's parents were in Uganda for their 25th, and Keith was 23.  
There is quite the age difference between our families with Keith being the oldest and I being the youngest.  (In fact, my sister went to college with his parents!)

1995 - Keith's Parents on Their 25th
We happen to be in Uganda, too.  Keith's parents visited last month, 
so they brought some decorations and treats over to help us celebrate.  

The kids did such a great job in making the day special for us.  We have awesome kids.

Then we were shocked when one of our church members brought us a hamper 
tonight in honor of our anniversary.  

 We were telling our kids that by the time any of them celebrate their 25th that we will be in our 70s!