Friday, April 20, 2012


This morning Keith looked at the calendar and said, "How can it already be the 20th?"  It is amazing that we have been back 1-1/2 months.  The Lord has given us health and strength to get a lot done, and we are pleased with the results.

Keith has now turned his focus to the renovating of the radio station.  His work has included building solar panels, tiling the floor, painting, and tearing down walls to rebuild in different locations.  Being in the rainy season makes for very muddy work.  Shane has been working with him in the mornings and then completing his school work in the afternoons.  They have been coming home quite the exhausted pair. 

Shiloh turned 10 last week and has been getting some good exercise on the bike we were able to purchase for him.  They are all doing well with their school and are glad to have room to spread out for their projects.  Of course, one of their greatest enjoyments has been to have their collection of chameleons again.  They like to see how many flies the chameleons can eat in one lunch hour.  The record is 20; Shae-Lynn was quite determined that her lizard not stop eating until he reached 20. 

Although we have been unpacked for a couple of weeks, now the job befalls me to get things organized so everyone knows where and how to keep things.  This has been a slow process but things are looking so much better.

This past week we started a new schedule of services at our church.  Although we had rain Sunday morning, we still had one visitor during the Luganda service.  We are very encouraged by the spirit of the church members and are looking forward to seeing what they will accomplish for God this year. 

I am sorry that I haven't included any pictures.  We changed computers right before we came back and now I can't figure out how to upload the pictures to my blog.  So...when I get it figured out, you will know!