Monday, July 29, 2013


Teaching is very rewarding.  Not only do I have the privilege of sharing God's Word with hungry souls, but I always learn so much, too.  For several years I taught our Children's Church and our Ladies Sunday School, but then our schedule changed, so I now just have the ladies.  I really can't decide which I like to teach better - the children or the ladies. I love them both!

In the midst of teaching one series, I am always on the look-out for what I will be teaching next.  When we were about halfway through our study of The Women in Proverbs, I decided that Lessons from Creation would be our next series using many of the devotionals from Julia Bettencourt. Room decorations are non-existent in Uganda, so everything must be made from scratch (very much like the meals).  However, since Keith took our son to the States in May, one request I made was for him to bring some decorations to fit my theme.  To our home church ladies, I say, THANK YOU!  Several ladies sent things to hang up that were perfect.  When my ladies walked into the newly decorated classroom, they couldn't stop thanking me for the new look.  They are enjoying it so very much.

This week, we talked about "Apples of Gold" from Proverbs 24:11.  We had a snack of apples, our lesson concerning our words (Appropriate, Pleasant, Pure, Lovely, Encouraging, and Soft), a drawing for three apple gifts, and a guessing game of how many times the Bible mentions the tongue, mouth, words, and lips.  The 18 ladies had a really good time.

Other creation topics I will be covering in the coming weeks will include wind, butterflies, roses, birds, flies, trees, ladybugs, frogs with lily pads (Fully Rely On God), lemons, and sunflowers.  If you have any ideas that would help in teaching, I gladly welcome them.  I want to make each week memorable for these ladies who are hungry for God's Word.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


You are probably wondering where I have been, right?  Me, too!  Although we have been moved into our house for 2 months now, we will probably be in a fix-up stage for at least a year.  My husband is doing all he can to make our house nice and comfortable for our family.  Our big project for this last month was a little bit of tiling.  I will let the pictures walk you through our kitchen and dining room.  The first section shows photos of the areas before we moved in.

The entry. A closet where the wheelbarrow is and the pantry door to the left of it.

The dining room.

The kitchen where the sink and cupboards would be.
In the kitchen where the stove would be.
 After much clean-up, cement and a little paint, we moved in.

Entry way after moving in.

Dining room.

Kitchen with cupboards. There is no counter top, yet; just rough cement I have covered with some linoleum.
We have cement floors throughout the whole house.  Of course, we have lived with cement floors in some part of our houses since we have been in Uganda.  However, the kitchen floor was so rough and unfinished that it could only be cleaned with a scrub brush.  My husband took pity on me and decided to tile the kitchen for me...and a little more.

Entry way decorated for Independence Day.
Dining room.  So much brighter!
The kitchen actually looks bigger with a whitish floor.

I am so very blessed.  The tile really does brighten things up and makes these room look more cheerful.  It may be some time before we can do the rest of the house, but I am loving the new look of these rooms (and they are easier to clean!).