Sunday, December 23, 2012


Ladies Teacher Training December 2012
 What a full and rewarding three days we have had!  We had 47 ladies travel in from 9 different churches to attend an intensive training of how to be effective children's teachers.  Tom and Cris Geer (children's missionaries that train adults and help with Vacation Bible Schools and camps worldwide) arrived for the purpose of reaching African children and teaching adults how to reach them.  Tom traveled on to Tanzania and Zimbabwe, and Cris has stayed with us.

Verse Puzzle: Something they had never done before!
Cris did a wonderful job at giving the ladies plenty of ideas they can implement for building Sunday Schools and for getting the children excited about coming to church. On the last night, nine of the ladies came for baptism.  Pictures are worth a thousands words, so I will stop the words and let the pictures do the talking - except to say 'THANK YOU, CRIS GEER!"

"Dum, Dum, Da, Da, Da, Da..."
Homework: Draw 4 illustrations to illustrate a Bible story.
"Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose...."
Silliness is an important part of leading children.
They greatly value getting a certificate of completion.
One of nine baptisms
A mother of 12 and grandmother of 20. This is a very precious lady.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


One thing about missions conferences - they humble you.  These pastors and leaders express their thanks over and over again for how God has worked on their behalf.

Brother James Sebyoto is a Bible college graduate who started Word of Life Baptist Church in Lukaya.  This year he has turned it over to another man to start Light Independent Baptist Church in the very poor fishing village of Kalangala.  Our church has been praying with him about the need for a motorcycle for him to travel back and forth between these villages.

Brother Robert is the one who is now leading Word of Life Baptist Church.  He gave testimony of how the church has not lost members in the leadership transition but has instead grown.  Hallelujah!

This was the first time for Brother Moses to speak before a group of Christians besides at his own church, and he was so excited that it was hard for him to stop talking.  Lutoboka Baptist Church was also started by the same missionary that started Lake View Baptist Church (see yesterday's post about Brother Matthew).  Moses spoke of how lost they were when the missionary returned to the States leaving them with no direction or guidance.  On one of our church's soul winning trips to the islands, our people gave out John/Romans booklets in his area.  When he returned from his trip, his people excitedly spoke of some people from another Baptist church.  After a couple of months, Brother Paul made contact with Moses and has since been helping him and his people be grounded in the Word of God. 

Brother Charles has been leading Kisojo Independent Baptist Church which was started by fellow Missionary Marlin Petersen.  Charles is one of our Bible college students and has been doing a great job in leading his members.

We have been blessed by three great days of fellowship and preaching.  The men have been stirred and instructed.  It has been great for all.  Please pray for our church as we will be taking up missions commitments Sunday morning.  After the service we will be having lunch for all of the members to close out the conference.  Thank you for your prayers and support that enable us to personally minister here in Uganda.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Another great evening!  It is so wonderful serving the Lord and watching Him work.  Tonight the testimonies were from Julius (a different one than last night) and Matthew.

Brother Julius is a result of our prison ministry.  Because of our faithful men and women that minister to the prisoners every Sunday afternoon, Julius trusted Christ as his Savior and had a desire to start a church in his village after his release.  He has an enthusiastic joy for Christ that is contagious.

Brother Matthew is a result of our radio station - Word of Life Radio.  Brother Matthew had a very rough upbringing and eventually ran away when his dad threatened to kill him.  Being just a teen, he naturally found the wrong crowds and spent time in jail.  He moved to the Ssese Islands and became a fish thief.  At a Pentecostal church, he heard the Gospel and trusted Christ.  A Southern Baptist American missionary built a church building on the islands, but soon left leaving the believers with no leadership.  As Matthew was listening to our radio station (which reaches clearly across Lake Victoria), he realized that we were preaching the true doctrine of the Bible.  On his second visit to our church, he asked if someone could come help them.  That is when Paul volunteered to go (see yesterday's post).  Because of limited finances, Paul can assist this church only once a month.  However, they are begging for him to come more.  They are hungry to be fed.

The messages Keith has been bringing each night have been just what we the people need.  He connects so well with the people and applies the Biblical truths right into their culture.  How thankful I am that He is willing to be used of God.  Thank you for your prayers for our conference.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Tonight was the beginning of our missions conference, and what a great start it was.  Keith is preaching each night, and the pastors or leaders from our other eight churches are giving testimonies.

Brother Henry was first to speak.  He pastors Mbirizi Baptist Church and assists with Katovu Baptist Church.  Mbirizi church is praying for land on which to build their own building. Bro. Henry was talking about how their children's program has grown, and they are really needing a room for a children's Sunday School.  A Muslim man was talking with him and said, "You will never be very many.  Your religion takes just one wife.  We take sometimes four so that we can produce many children."  Bro. Henry replied, "That's ok. You produce the children, and we will bring them to Christ."

If you have read any prayer letters or updates from us, you already know Brother Paul.  He is the lame man in our church that must crawl everywhere, yet he is ministering to the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria.  He is helping with two churches there and must take a boat between the islands.  A couple of weeks ago, he asked our church to pray about the need to reach all of the 84 islands by boat evangelism.  We began praying as a church but did not mention it to any outside sources. Two days later, we received a call from the U.S. with the news that someone had a desire to help us with the purchase of a boat for Paul.  We waited to give him the news until tonight after he had given his testimony with the prayer request of needing a boat.  His mother has asked him why he can't minister safely on the mainland. He replied, "When the time comes for me to die, it doesn't matter if I am in a boat or on the mainland.  What matters is that I am serving Jesus."  His mom says that his heart is dead to all but the ministry.

Then before Keith preached Brother Julius testified to the work he is leading in Katovu.  This church has gone through a lot throughout the years, yet a core group has remained faithful.  It was at this church that Keith baptized over 40 people not too long ago.  Praise the Lord!

Thanks to the Geers for loaning us their flags.  It really spruced things up!
We are very excited at what may happen this week in the area of missions.  Please pray with us.