Sunday, September 13, 2015


August is the busiest month for birthdays in our family, as well as in our extended family, as well as in our surrounding missionary family.  However, August is also when sickness hit our family this year.

At the beginning of August we visited one of our village churches that was halfway to Keith's parent's house, so after the service we continued on to Mbarara for a couple of days.  We came back to Masaka on Keith's birthday, but Mom Stensaas celebrated the birthdays the night before with cake and ice cream.  However, I came down with the stomach flu and was up half the night.

Keith has started drinking coffee this year,
so a BIG cup of "coffee" was his cake.

Needless to say, I headed straight to bed after arriving home and still didn't feel well for Skyler's birthday the next day.  I finally recovered on Thursday, and then Friday Stanley began running a fever with shakes and headache.

Pizza anyone?  It truly looked like the real thing.

Skyler joined the ranks a couple days later, then Keith, then Shiloh, then me.  One of the unusual things that hit Keith and I was pain behind the eyes that lasted several weeks after the fevers went away.  Thankfully, we are all recovered, although the eye pain reoccurs at least once a week.

Shae-Lynn does such a great job with my cakes.

Eventually the cakes were made, but we have yet to make ice cream.  (A big crime in the Stensaas family!)  Perhaps today we will get to that.  We are thankful for all of the birthday wishes that came our way.  We are blessed with family and friends around the world.