Saturday, April 26, 2014


28 Years Old!  

Praise the Lord for lasting salvation! 

Praise the Lord for my godly husband!  

I love you, Keith.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


When visitors leave, we are often blessed with sunscreen, bug repellant, body wash, and other items that they are willing to leave behind in order to have lighter bags and space for souvenirs.  Today I was showing the children the packs of gum that one visitor blessed us with.  Savannah's eyes got big and then she exclaimed,
"We are SO rich!"

What a humbling statement!  Indeed, we ARE rich.  We each have beds with mattresses and blankets for comfortable sleep each night.  We each have several changes of clothes and choices of shoes.  We seldom eat the same meal more than twice a week.  We have sugar for our tea and enjoy hot chocolate on cool mornings.  We have bookshelves full of books and four different musical instruments in our house.  We have a loving leader for our family who loves us and never harms us.  We have about one hundred people who pray for us.  We have churches who support us and keep in touch.  But most of all, we have GOD!  THE God Who provided all of our things for us.  THE God Who lovingly fashioned each one of us and never leaves us.  THE God Who knows each of us by name and is never too busy to listen to us.  THE God Who is supreme.

Have gum?  You Are So Rich!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Thursday we attended a birthday party at a baby home down the street from us and had a great time playing with the 32 children.

While each child is adorable, this little boy stole my heart.  He and his twin sister are preemies.  They are now three weeks old and weigh 3 pounds, 13 ounces  and 3 pounds, 1 ounce respectively.

His whole arm isn't even as long as my hand
Their mother died in childbirth, they spent one week in the hospital, and they have now been two weeks in the baby home.  It is such a miracle that they are able to survive with no medical assistance!

His wrist is only as wide as my ring.
Then I thought I would share some miscellaneous shots from our week.  Praise the Lord - He provided the money to replace our radio batteries.  We were grateful for the AMT men to help carry these heavy batteries and help set them up.

The AMT men have also helped with painting and general work around the church.  I believe they are learning that a missionary's life is a lot more than witnessing; there is a lot of physical work involved!

Upon walking into the church on Wednesday, this is what we found - a cat in the offering basket.  Later on during the service, the cat wandered back into the church with a lizard tail sticking out of its mouth.

Living Sacrifice?
 Being so far away, I miss important events in my family's lives.  My oldest niece Rhonda got married on Saturday.  What a beautiful bride!

Rhonda's Wedding
And this is a rare occasion for four generations to be together at once - my dad, my brother, my nephew, and my grand-nephews.

Stevo, Stephen, Willis, Charles, and Cole
We are in the midst of a very intense rainy season with rain every single day for over a week.  Of course, my children really don't mind as their mother is much more lenient in the hot chocolate and chai they drink.  After all, when they sweetly offer to fix mom some, how can she possibly say "no" to them having a cup, too?  What a blessing our children are!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Due to our trips to Kampala to pick up guests, Shiloh's birthday celebration was delayed a day and then, seemingly, thrown together.  Good thing my children don't expect miracles out of their mother!  However, we had a great time with extra guests to help celebrate.

Our 12-year old
Shiloh chose a snowflake theme, and since we have had a snowman in the past, we strictly stuck to snowflakes.

Snowflake Rice Krispy Cake
I had asked the Canadian ladies that were coming if they could help me by finding a flute for Shiloh's birthday.  They Did! order to help him learn to play, I am now teaching myself flute. (I gladly welcome any hints and tips from anyone.)  As we began going through the flute book, we discovered that it takes more air to play the flute than any other wind instrument, including the tuba!  Time to do some abdomen-tightening exercises!

Practicing his first two notes - F and G
For two weeks, we have 3 ladies from Canada staying with us who will be spending most of their time helping at a baby home down the street from us.  Mary came with her church group last year and decided to return with her sister and the pastor's daughter.  Then we, also, have 5 men from Advanced Ministry Training who will be helping Keith install the new batteries for the radio station, visiting the village churches, teaching our children's Sunday school classes, and getting a well-rounded hands-on look at the life of a missionary.  What fun it is to enjoy the fellowship of others and for our children to have the opportunity to learn hospitality at young ages.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Sunday we had a baby dedication for our newest church addition - Cleopas Ssendege.  He was supposed to be born here in Masaka, but his mom Angellah had gone to Kampala for a meeting and went into labor.

We had a great Sunday with 5 visitors, 1 baptized and 2 saved in the service.  Seldom do we see decisions made in church to follow Christ.  The Ugandans are not quick-believers.  Probably 90% of the decisions made happen when we visit them in their homes.

Please pray for our radio station.  Several of the batteries have died and need to be replaced if we are to remain on the air without interruption. Just $400 is remaining of what we need to replace all 16.  Word of Life Radio is listened to.  Yesterday as we were inviting people to church, two people brightened up at the mention of Kitabaazi - the village where our church is located.  Immediately, they said, "Oh, Word of Life Radio!"  It reaches more homes than we can ever visit in our lifetime.  One of the visitors in church yesterday came because of the radio station.

Casualties seem to be following the Stensaases.  In the last three weeks, I have suffered from a bacterial infection that broke out in painful blisters on my face and neck, Shae-Lynn has broken her toe, Dad Stensaas has fractured his ankle, Skyler had a worm that was very much alive when I squeezed it out, and last night I cut off the top of my thumb and patched it back together with super glue.  Let's hope that we see no more injuries this week!

Thank you for praying for us.  Have a great week!