Friday, August 25, 2017


I am sorry for my long period of silence.  This has not been intentional.  In fact, I have lost track of how many times I have attempted to post.  We have even tried switching to a different internet company.  The U factor is at work against me (U=Uganda).  I was surprised when I logged in today and found that a portion of a previous attempt was saved.  So I will fill in the missing pieces (such as all the pictures that didn't save), post this one, and if it finally goes through - then I can write a current posting.  This was written the middle of July.

Landing in Uganda - What a Welcome Feeling.

One of the big adjustments we make when returning to Uganda is the undependability of everything.  I actually started writing this post after one week of being here.  Due to terrible internet service, it took me until Thursday to finish it.  But then when I tried to preview it before sending it out, all the work vanished except for 3 sentences.  Yes, I frequently hit the "save" button, but for some reason, the Uganda factor kicked in and getting a post written and sent has been anything but simple.  So...we will try again.

We got a quick tour of Dubai during our layover.

It is good to be back home.  Sleeping in our own beds.  Putting our clothes in closets and dresser drawers.  Drinking African Chai and eating sweet bananas and pineapple.  Attending the same church.  These are every day activities that we miss when traveling on furlough.

View of Kampala, the capitol city, from our motel room

But there are the difficult adjustments, too.  Water going off every - single - day.  The Muslim prayer call beginning at 4:45 or 5:00 each morning.  The crazy traffic.  The dust.  The noise of living in town.

Roadside market

And there is the beauty.  Green trees and grass.  The welcome we received from our people.  My flowers still blooming.  The weather (between 62 and 78 since we arrived).

I Love Flowers!  It was nice to see them still living in my flower beds.

Our days have been very busy and full as we literally move back into our home.  When we left, everything had to be packed up.  In addition to unpacking, we also repainted our house.  Since the curtains all had to be replaced due to the intense Equator sun, we did some color changing in some rooms.  We don't, yet, have everything back on the walls, but the pathway through the house is getting better and nearly all the curtains are hung.  We don't have any time to be lazy since we have four visitors arriving next week.

Shae-Lynn helped in getting the curtains ready

Keith has accomplished so much in all that is on his list.  He found us a van to purchase within our first week, and he has started paperwork on the ministry truck.  His Ugandan driving permit should be completed this week, and mine next.  During our absence, five of our six dogs died, so Keith has bought 3 new ones to replace them.  The kids all have new mattresses and the girls a new bed frame, too.  He quickly hooked up the water filter and the washing machine and dryer, so we appreciate their availability.

Shiloh exercising the dogs

One of the things Keith and I missed the most was being able to be involved discipleship.  My soul winning team wasted no time in giving me three ladies to disciple upon our return.  What a blessing it is for Shae-Lynn to also have some young girls to teach.

I am humbled that I am given the chair and they insist on sitting on the ground

Shae-Lynn usually ends up with 10 kids listening to her teach the 3 that are being discipled

We are home - the place of service God has chosen for us.  How grateful we are!