Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Parties have been held.  The sweets are in the freezer.  Gift bags have been given out.    The house is cleaned, and we are ready for our morning Christmas service at 9:00 when we will give more gifts to each one who attends.  It has been fun involving our children in all of the preparations, whether it be tying bows on bags, filling paper bags with small toys, baking, or cleaning up.  We want our children to have giving spirits and to teach them the joy of doing it.

The girls packing sweet popcorn for those my partner and I disciple
The last two months have been quite busy for us, so I will give you the fast version in pictures backwards.

Our children's afternoon Sunday School with their Christmas bags

The missionary kids of Masaka decorated snowmen at our house

Our First American Fast Food In the Country!  It is 2 hours from our house.

In our Missions Conference our people pledged the equivalent of $4,150 for 2014

November & December brought chicken pox to all 5 children

Our 9 hour trip to Soroti for Thanksgiving allowed us to see many beautiful sites

Very thankful for my girls

A Canadian church brought radios to distribute in our churches

The Canadian ladies helped me paint my ladies' Sunday school room.  Beautiful!

The ORH medical team visited in October treating people on the islands as well as the mainland

We have had a wonderful time in service to the Lord this year.  God has blessed us with a great friends from all over the world.  Thank you for your prayers and support of us. 

Merry Christmas!