Thursday, October 9, 2014


52 Years of Independence!

One of the hardest things for us to understand is the non-patriotism spirit of Uganda.  Nothing special is planned.  No patriotic decorations are available.  It is just another work day.

In our church, we are trying to instill in the people a thankfulness for their country.  One of the ways we attempt to do this is by having an Independence service.  We use this as an outreach for the community and an opportunity to invite government officials.

After singing a couple of songs, we have trivia time.  Keith spends a lot of time trying to come up with new questions each year.  This year we gave away radio t-shirts, nail clippers with the Ugandan flag, key chains with the Ugandan flag, and coffee cups that looked as close to African colors as we could find.  (It is hard to find items with the Ugandan colors!)

Then we have the judging of those who dressed up in red, yellow, and black.  We see quite a few football jerseys (soccer) and then others who you really have to look hard for in their outfits to find all three colors.  It is a really fun time.

Any government officials that come are invited to give a short speech, and then Keith preaches.  Afterwards, we enjoy lunch in our cafeteria.

We had beautiful weather and over 200 people in attendance.  Praise the Lord for the freedom in Uganda to have a preach the freely tell others of the independence everyone can have in Christ Jesus.

Happy Birthday, Uganda!


Her birthday breakfast request of pancakes got a candle.
How is it possible that our youngest is now seven?  When I look at Savannah, I think she must be very close to what I was like since I, too, was the youngest.

A glowing watermelon cake
I was glad she picked a watermelon cake, as I have been wanting to do that one for awhile.  I was thinking, "This will be quick and easy, right?"  Well, I believe the marshmallows must have been old, as they refused to melt in a nice puddle of goo.  Instead, they became a blob - literally!  I mixed in the rice crispies as best I could with the spoon, but then ended up having to finish kneading them in by hand.

Finally, the last bag has a clue of where to find her gifts
About two years ago I played a game for Shiloh's birthday of him having to guess from 10 boxes which one his present was in.  For every box that was incorrect, he had to stick a piece of gum in his mouth.  Savannah requested it for her birthday this year (except we did gift bags), and she ended up going through every bag.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the above picture, but her cheeks are bulging from all of the gum!

Mini Appetites?
We had a "mini" theme for her party consisting of miniature food: pizza, cake, donuts, cookies, carrots sticks, sundaes, and drinks.  I was so thankful for Shae-Lynn's help in making everything.

Our six children are truly a blessing from the Lord, and we delight in each one.