Saturday, May 10, 2014


I have been called "mother" for 19 years! 

Being doctor, psychologist, dietician, alarm clock, teacher, counselor, negotiator, laundress, seamstress, cook, designer, barber, and best friend are just some of the additional perks to being Mom.

My children have taught me so much and are encouraging me still in learning.

Children remind me to slow down and inspect the new rose that is growing in the corner, play a game of Dutch Blitz before supper, or play in the water on a hot day.

I get to stay at home with my children and be with them all of the time!

I learn their likes and dislikes and am on hand to challenge them in new directions.

I have enjoyed their smiles, giggles, laughter, cuteness, and love from the time they were born.

I am reminded to not live for myself but for them and others.

Daily I am freely given hugs by children who really love me and strive to show it.

I enjoy homemade cards, surprise bouquets, and colored pictures made by my personal designers.

Some years ago I was challenged to look for opportunities of saying "yes" to my children.  The excitement on my children's faces upon hearing a "yes" when they fully expected a "no" is priceless.

Children reveal my strengths and weaknesses.  They are little mirrors giving me encouragement or revealing areas to be worked on.

I love being called


Wife, Mother, Secretary, Teacher, Seamstress, Gardener,...
She was an amazing woman!

I have been given one of those special blessings bestowed upon certain people.  I can say, "My mom is perfect" and know for a fact that she really is!  Eight years ago my mother finished her motherhood-journey on earth and joined heaven's ranks among the perfect mothers.  I truly miss her, especially being able to write her letters.

Mom in the middle of her four daughters

Because I was the last born of five, I got to spend one-on-one time with her during my teen years that my siblings didn't.  I am very much like her and am grateful for all the blessings of knowledge, common sense, love, and godliness she bestowed upon me.

Reading to her grandchildren. She had hundreds of books!

Grandpa Stensaas gives the grandchildren ice cream;
Grandma Ward gave the grandchildren chocolate!

My mom died after battling cancer, but she never lost her joy for her Savior

Savannah was the only grandchild not
to have met her Grandmother

 I love you, Mom!