Saturday, September 28, 2013


Remember when I mentioned our theme for my Ladies Sunday School class?  IT HAS BEEN SO MUCH FUN!  Not every week has been full of games and visuals.  After all, how do you visualize wind?  I thought we could run the fan on "hi" for the whole class, but we didn't even have electricity that day.

However, let me share a couple of themes from the past month.

Butterflies: Using my Cricut, we were able to cut out several butterflies to use for a review game.  I did learn an important lesson in doing this, though.  Construction paper on Cricut mats - a miserable mess to clean up!  Those small fibers love the stickiness. 

While doing our shopping in the capitol a couple of months back, I spied these butterfly notebooks and grabbed up all they had.  On the day of class, I told the Lord, "You know I have just 14 notebooks.  You must control the size of my class."  That day, our attendance was low - 13 ladies.

The Fragrance of Beauty: Roses are not only lovely to look at, but they smell good, too - just as we Christian ladies should in our spiritual walk.  I gave bookmarks with the lesson's main points and memory verse printed on them, and then we had a drawing to give out the other items.

Flies and Bad Habits:  I began this lesson mentioning interesting facts about flies, such as the fact that they vomit on their food before eating it.  We all know they are disgusting, but so are bad habits!  Another missionary had some American visitors come, and they were SO gracious in bringing fly swatters to give out.  (Thank you, Bible Baptist!) The fly swatters were so cute, that I was actually mentioning to God that I wouldn't mind a low attendance.  There were 17 fly swatters.  Eighteen ladies came, but one was an American visitor, so I did have enough for the Ugandans.  The next week the ladies were excited to report that these fly swatters really do work - for wasps, mosquitoes, and all sorts of insects.

Ladybugs: I know that if I were to teach these lessons in the States that there would be numerous teaching helps and prizes to use.  Being in a third-world country, oftentimes it is you pleading God to feed your imagination to come up with things.  That is how these ladybug pens were born.  There were no ladybug gifts to buy, so I thought about just giving away red pens.  The plain red seemed... plain, so I added black spots.  Then I noticed the little red end to the pens.  A perfect spot for a ladybug!

We talked about the importance of talking, walking, sitting, dressing, acting and thinking like a Christian lady.

It has been a great journey through these lessons on creation, and I am actually sad that we have just a couple of weeks remaining.  God has made available to us a wealth of lessons to learn - just look at His creation!


One of the joys of homeschooling is being able to incorporate life skills into daily curriculum.  My mom loved to sew, and she made sure all of her children learned, too - yes, even my brother.  (We used to set up hospital and repair stuffed animals.)  I have used this skill over and over and over again - making curtains, clothes, repairs, adjustments and numerous other things.

When a fellow missionary began caring for orphan twins and mentioned their need for clothes, a bright light came on in my teacher/mom's head.  What an opportunity for Shae-Lynn to learn some sewing skills!

Stanley and Shae-Lynn holding the twins after church
We began with dresses and headbands that turned out very cute on the already adorable girls.

A couple of weeks later we took a trip to the clothes market, bought four onesies, and then made matching skirts and headbands. (We had originally set out to buy dresses, but I wasn't willing to pay $4 for very used baby dresses!)

Sarah: Often dressed in pink.
We have been blessed to have the opportunity of babysitting the twins for several overnight stays during the past two weeks, so another skill is getting taught as my children learn childcare.  The girls are so lovable with distinct personalities.

Sophia: Dressed in any color except for pink
Two more dresses are cut out and ready to sew up. We had better get busy as we all know how fast babies grow!