Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Shae-Lynn is doing great in carrying on the rice krispy cake tradition.
 Another year has passed!  Wow - I am not getting younger.  However, I have the best husband and children who try to convince me that I really am not old. 

I love the drawings of everyone in our family.
Since we have three August birthdays, we decided to do one party for all three of us last Friday.  We were blessed to have 5 other missionary families join us for an evening meal and a time of fun and fellowship.  The Lord has given us such special friends.

Maybe if we had paintbrushes this big, we could have finished the painting much quicker!
Since we have spent so much time in house improvements this month, I thought it was fitting for Keith's cake to reflect our work.  We have now taken a break from the renovations and are enjoying the wonderful results.

Skyler, our 9-year old
 Skyler was having a very hard time deciding what he wanted for his cake.  He first asked for a whale...then a shark...then an eagle...then a fox...then a wolf.  Because I haven't been able to find marshmallows in the stores since our last birthdays, I had to make marshmallow cream for our cakes this time around.  I discovered that getting my creations to keep their shapes was much more difficult.  Marshmallow cream does not harden up like regular marshmallows.

One of the special gifts I received today was Baby Lucas being born to JJ & Harriet who pastor one of our village churches.  Please pray for Lucas as he has been put on oxygen due to a difficult birth.

My birthday baby - Lucas - with mom Harriet
Another special gift was being able to see four out of the five missionary families today that we had over for our party.  I had a very fun day, and I say a big thanks to our Heavenly Father for each year He has given me to live for Him.  I am SO blessed!