Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Our Engagement - New Year's Eve at Midnight 1992

One of the things Keith and I pray daily for is godly mates for our children.  Our prayer and desire is to see our children continue to grow in their Christian life after they leave our home and to marry someone who will help them accomplish more for God.

Rachel - A Beautiful Lady Inside and Out

With help from his Grandpa, our son Shane was introduced to Rachel in 2018.  She took several of Dad's classes at West Coast Baptist College and became better acquainted with Shane through FaceTime, texting, and phone calls.  (Shane lives in Ohio, and Rachel was in California.)  After graduating from college, Rachel accepted a position at Hope Children's Home in New Mexico.

Rachel said, "YES!"

Their relationship blossomed into an engagement on Christmas Day 2019.  On our way from Texas to California, we were blessed with a couple of extra days to meet the lady who stole our son's heart.

We are excited to welcome another member to our family.

Rachel King is as sweet as her smile is.  Although we had just a couple of hours together, we enjoyed the time together, and she survived the meeting of the in-laws all alone!  We know she will be a great help meet to Shane, and that together they will accomplish great things for God.

Just like an Oreo - the sweet stuff is in the middle.

Shane and Rachel, 
We love you and pray for God's blessings on your relationship 
as you grow closer to each other through your walk with God.

Mark Your Calendars for September 26!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

FURLOUGH 2020 - April


What a change the COVID-19 restrictions have made to our furlough.  This has to be a record for the amount of time we have spent at our home church.  But God is taking such good care of us.  We have a great place to stay, friends to be with (at a distance), and great online devotionals and messages to listen to from our home church.  A great blessing to me has been to hear our pastor's wife teach the Ladies Bible Study each week.  Normally, these aren't put on our livestream, so Shae-Lynn and I have really been enjoying hearing Mrs. Kim.

I made this to keep in our Bibles to remember one of my favourite lessons Kim taught.

Yes, we have had cancellations even though we are in Texas where churches are exempt from restrictions.  Pastors are still being very careful and moving with wisdom to avoid the preaching of the Gospel being blamed for any outbreaks.  Several of the churches that cancelled have still sent a love offering, and we thank God greatly for this act of kindness that is helping meet our daily expenses.

Austin stores had mandatory mask-wearing regulations.

Uganda is under strict lockdown until May 5, but we are thankful that they have had no COVID deaths despite the 85 confirmed cases.  The Lord is taking care of His children, and the Christians are learning to trust God in new ways.  Our radio station is being listened to by hundreds of new people as they sit at home with little to do.  Especially in third-world countries, the radio ministry is a HUGE outreach tool.  The Gospel is reaching into thousands of homes through radio broadcasting and is not being thwarted by a virus scare.

Savannah really misses being able to travel so she came up with this.

As Shiloh celebrated his 18th birthday, the scales tipped to the majority of our children being adults.  Shae-Lynn and Shiloh are quite disappointed that they aren't able to get their learner's permits this month, as was planned, since all the license places are closed.

An ice cream cake for Shiloh's 18th birthday

This week we made the decision to stick to our furlough schedule and travel to California.  We are praying that restrictions will be lifted, and even if we aren't able to attend regular services, that Keith will at least be able to livestream with the churches.   The Lord provided us a place to base out of, and we are anxious to see our son Stanley.

Pray with us for this nation and for the world.  
Pray for Christians to be bold and take a stand for what is right.  
Pray for lost souls to turn to Christ.
Our God is more powerful than a virus or the politicians who desire to hurt our nation.
Trust in the Lord!