Monday, January 21, 2013


Sunday was the final day of our first Holiday Bible School, the equivalent to the American Vacation Bible School.  We have had a GREAT time and are so thankful for Tom and Cris Geer's leadership and training.

First Stop: Registration
One of the challenges we had was children not knowing their age.  Birthdays aren't important here, so the children would often guess.  An obvious six or seven year old would say they were two.  A boy would tell us that his brother was six (the required age for attendance) when it was obvious the brother was no more than three.

I could be found at the registration table all day long
Another challenge was that because the children were unsure of their age, one day they would tell us they were six, and the next day they would tell us they were seven. This was a little confusing in knowing what class to send them to and what age to mark them as.

Stanley, Esther & Savannah
Because Savannah was below the age requirement, she just hung out with whomever she felt like...her friends, her siblings, her mom, and when she wanted a snack - with daddy.

Saying verses to teachers before 9:00. 1,707 verses were said this week
Our teachers did a fabulous job.  Having the Geers hold the Teacher's Training workshops before HBS helped everyone a lot.
Shiloh with his teacher Charles
I love the fact that our children are such great friends with their teachers. 

8:55-Line Up!
 We had perfect weather all week allowing us to enjoy the outdoors.

Song Time and Bible Lesson
Our theme was the Olympics. Since we had a Ugandan win this past 2012 Olympics, this theme worked very well.

Shane standing with our skit men
Never having done a drama before, our men did very well.  The children enjoyed the skit tremendously.

The Store Keeper
The children earned Bible Bucks for attending, bringing their Bible, memorizing verses and bringing visitors.  After class each day, they could spend their bucks in our "store." They bought backpacks, t-shirts, toys, candy, earrings, pens, and stickers.

Teen Game Time
We had our teen program each afternoon at 3:00.  Our church teens worked hard this week, as they were helpers in the morning and then were the participators after lunch.  Several of them said all 31 verses.

Sunday Morning
Sunday was called Parent's Day, as we encouraged the children to bring their parents to the final day.  Our auditorium was packed with people standing in the back - 177 children and 57 adults. (There were also about 12 babies to add to the noise excitement.

Our Olympic Winners
These were the top children in each age group - some earning Bibles, some with medals, and some who got both.

Judith reading her Bible
Because of your prayers and support, 411 children and teens heard the Gospel this week, and 21 trusted Christ.  Please pray with me that every one of these children will give their lives to Christ and will "diligently search the Scriptures" and do God's will.  

Thank you for being a part of our Holiday Bible School!