Saturday, February 16, 2013


Is it possible? We have three teens in our house now? I am feeling old.

One giant kiss for our first teen daughter
We had a surprise birthday party for Shae-Lynn on the Sunday before her birthday.  We had already invited another missionary family over to stay up and watch the big game, but then we also secretly invited Keith's parents and sister to come, too.  We have never had an all-night birthday party before!

A watermelon helmet and football field cake added to the all-night meal and celebration
After the extreme busyness of December and January, it has been nice to have a slower month of activities for February.  One thing that was very tough during this past holiday season was having to keep up with school work.  For years and years we have been using the Ugandan school system of going from February through November. This plan let me concentrate on the holiday preparations without bothering with school.  However, with our desire to have Shane graduate with our home church, we had to switch back to the American schedule.

Teen Frisbee Golf
We are really excited about our teen class that Keith started.  They have outgrown their room and had teens sitting on the floor last week.  Hence, we have started some renovating on another building to turn it into a youth building to accommodate both the elementary and teens.

My soulwinning team has seen several saved at the prison barracks where the guards live.  We excitedly go back each week to disciple and visit more people. 

Sweet Siblings
On February 1st we celebrated 17 years in Uganda.  We are so blessed to be able to serve the Lord in Africa.  Please pray with us as our paperwork has been submitted for renewal.

A new blessing we have been enjoying has been the arrival of Judy Wall, a missionary's daughter from Mexico.  She is helping us with our children's Sunday School in teaching and making visuals.  She is a big help around the home, too.

One of the blessings we enjoy in raising our children in way of the Lord is to receive such sweet notes from them.  One of our children wrote the following for us on Valentine's Day:

"I love you so moch. You have dun so moch for me, so I will do so moch for you mom and dad.  I hope you like to please God and do what He tells you.  I love you mom and dad."

Children are a blessing from the Lord.