Friday, May 13, 2011


If you want to gain a blank stare from my children, just ask them, "What type of milk does your family drink?"  Not only have my children not seen milk in jugs, but to be asked, "Do you want skim, 2% or whole?" really confuses them.

In Uganda, our milk is available in several different ways.  In the capital and also in Mbarara where Keith's parents live, milk can be purchased pasteurized in a bag.  We purchase about 40 litres a month and freeze it.  It will come in either 1/2 litre or 1 litre bags, and we usually don't have a choice - just whatever size they have on hand.  UHT (shelf) milk is available but is about twice the price as the bags. Milk powder comes from as far away as England, South Africa, and Dubai.  Then we have local milk.  We take our own container to the milk shop, and they pour the fresh milk in which was delivered from the farmer that day.  As I prepare to pasteurize it, I double strain it as I have found cow hair, dirt and even a roach in it before. Do we notice a difference in taste between Ugandan and American?  Definitely!  We love the American milk. 

Now I wish I could have shared with you a video of us explaining to the kids how to open and drink milk from a carton!  That was priceless.