Saturday, March 16, 2013


I can't believe how time has gotten away from me.  How a month has already passed by is beyond me!

18 Years!
  Our firstborn has now reached 18 years!  Keith's parents were already with us because of a Kampala trip, but Alisha surprised Shane by coming to his birthday dinner. Several went out to eat at our local Friday barbeque, and the rest of us showed up after they were done eating with the birthday cake.  It is sad to think about this being his last birthday with us - at least for a while.

Shane's 18th Birthday BBQ
 As Shane gets ready to go back to the States to graduate, I have tried to get some decent pictures for his graduation.  I thought I would include his siblings in some shots because after all - we have all of these caps for college graduations, so why not have some fun, right?

The line-up
 And the dogs are always in our "classroom," so they deserve recognition.

Shane and Anne
We are so thankful for Shane and are fervently praying for him as he begins a new life in the States.  Sending one's children across the ocean to start a new life is one of the most difficult situations a missionary faces.  Pray for your missionaries and their college-age children as they are often separated for years at a time.  How thankful we are for our home church and the safe haven he has there with people who truly care about him.

Siblings deciding something mischievous to do to their brother.
 Please remember us as parents in your prayers, too.  Seeing our nest start to empty is a little sad!