Thursday, March 31, 2016


February began with Shae-Lynn turning 16.  We celebrated with other missionary girls at the coffee shop.  What a blessing it is for our children to have two other like-minded missionary families in our town with which to fellowship with.

Her rice crispy cake was a guitar.
Close MK friends
A couple of times a year when we have visitors, they overlap in their visits.  Such was the case when Jerrold and Karen Myers (missionaries from South Africa) and Cody Crevar (college graduate from Canada) arrived one day apart.

Jerrold Myers preaching
Cody enjoying one of our Kampala restaurants
Having several married couples in our church this year, we were able to host a Valentine Supper for them (actually one couple is engaged).  We enjoyed several games in which we discovered how well they knew each other and how well they worked together.

Grilled chicken supper on our front porch
One Sunday when we arrived home from church, we found that one of our dogs have been attacked by a wild animal.  She had several small slices on her underside and a large one on her back hip.  The vet suggested it could have been a monkey, but we think it was probably a mongoose.  We tried taping it closed.  That didn't work.  We had the vet stitch it.  The stitches came out in less than a day.  We even tried super glue, which lasted just a couple of hours.  We gave up, and just let it heal on its own.  Compared to the previous 3 months, February was slow and quiet.

Veterinary "clinic" on our front porch
March began with Keith taking Stanley, Cody, another missionary, and a national into Rwanda.  Our van broke down before they reached the border, so they ended up spending the night and hiring a taxi van to take them.  There is a stark difference between these two neighboring countries (Uganda and Rwanda).  Rwanda is very clean and modernized, with the people taking pride in their country.  Uganda has trash everywhere, still makes bricks as in the Bible-times, and is tribalistic.  However, Uganda has more religious freedom.

The homes are big and beautiful in Rwanda.
Then our kids participated in an online spirit week with other MKs around the world.  Here are a couple of our submissions.  You can go to the Baptist Missionary Women website to see even more.

Idiom: Heart of Gold
Double idiom: Caught red handed with hand in the cookie jar
Idiom: In the dog house
Sports Day
Twin Day with fellow missionary kids

Activity picks up again in April with visitors coming and going until we leave on furlough in addition to conferences, ordinations, Anniversary Sunday, and so much more.  Thank you for your faithful prayers for us.  How much they are needed in every situation we face.

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