Wednesday, March 30, 2016


December 2015 began with a wonderful Missions Conference.  However, I can't find a picture for it!  Sorry.

December and January are usually our hottest months of the year, so instead of advertising warm, seasonal drinks like restaurants do in the States, ours invites you to cool off.

After the Missions Conference, I threw myself into our Annual Ladies' Conference preparation.  I had SO much fun!  For three days of classes, I had just 11 pages of notes (which even frightened me), but God expanded my thoughts, and we all had a great time studying Relationships.

Then came Christmas.  We were blessed to have Keith's family spend several days with us to share old stories, go swimming, eat together, and make new memories.

When we took Mom and Dad to the airport, it was difficult to think of them as moving.  This wasn't just a furlough they were going on.  Although we are saddened at their departure, we are excited to see how God is going to use them greatly in the new ministries He has for them.

(To Be Continued in Part 3)

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