Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Looking back...ok, way back to the end of last year, it doesn't seem possible that we can get busier each holiday season, but it happens.  There is always so much more planned from November - January than seems possible to accomplish.  Pictures are worth a thousand words...so here is my condensed thousand words in pictures...in several parts.

One of our dogs gave birth the day after Uganda's Independence Day.  They are so cute when they are puppies, but we have had our fill of them.  I have declared, "No more!"

The end of October brought us some return visitors from Canada.  This church has been such a blessing to us in the last three years.  This year, they paid for new songbooks for our main church and our village churches, too.  However, there were a lot...a whole bunch...of late, late nights for me as I put the songbook together, as well as a music book.  And as much as I proofed it, yes, I still find mistakes in it.  However, it is a whole lot better than what we had before.

November found us in Mbarara to help Keith's parents pack up, have a yard sale, and attend their last service at their church there.  I mentioned to mom that as many countries as she has lived in, she has become a pro with all of the moving.  The Lord has spoiled me; we have lived here for 20 years.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful, relaxing holiday.  How grateful I am for the family the Lord has blessed us with.  With all of the busyness, it was nice to take a whole day off and spend time with each other.

Very good turkey!
It happens every time.  The few months before our furlough, our appliances begin to break down.  Hot pots, fans, blender, and the washing machine have banded together against us.  It was 8 weeks before we got the washing machine fixed after this brake down, however, we were able to use another machine on our front porch for the last of those weeks.  The fix-up worked for a week, then broke down again.  We got it fixed, and just last week, it broke down again.  It really wants to die, but we keep resuscitating it.

Baskets of laundry awaiting our hand washing skills
(To Be Continued in Part 2)

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