Wednesday, March 30, 2016


January 2016!  No sooner had Christmas been packed away then I pulled out the sewing shears, the glue gun, and the mixer.  Two weddings and one graduation kept me busy.

The first full week of January we had our Tri-Annual Bible Institute and had graduation for our Masaka Baptist College on the final night.  As the cake decorator, I was counting myself blessed that the name of both graduates was "Charles."

Two days later, Keith had to preach for a wedding in the village, of which they asked me to make the cakes.  Since I started splurging and buying ribbon and artificial flowers, the cake decorating task has been much less stressful.  (I still wish I could take a cake decorating class and actually get some professional training.)

I need to invest in a cake stand.  Those soda bottles look precarious!
During the midst of all of this, I was taking Shae-Lynn in for numerous testings for a medical problem that we still haven't been able to pinpoint.  We would appreciate prayers for her.

Blood tests, x-rays, sonogram, more blood tests, an MRI; she has been through it all
One week after the village wedding was a wedding at our town church - a couple that began attending at teenagers.  I told my daughter that she had better get busy saving for her wedding because I did not want to make all of the bridesmaid dresses, the bouquets, the flower girl baskets, the cakes, assist the bride, serve the wedding party, and be wedding planner all over again.  In 20 weddings Keith has performed, this is the first time we have pulled off a rehearsal!  Usually, no one has a clue as to what they are supposed to do, and Keith just directs everyone as he leads the ceremony.  It was amazing how smoothly everything went.

Yes, Savannah got to be a flower girl 
I didn't make all of the cakes.  The large main cake and two smaller ones were purchased.  When Charles and Beatrice tried to cut the cake, the knife broke.  The frosting on the cakes here is rock-hard (the night before at the introduction, the cake table fell over, and the plastic-covered, round cakes just rolled - no harm done.  Sometime I will share a video of us trying to cut one of these cakes.)

I cut the cake in pieces, placed it on plates, then the wedding party walked around and served everyone
The very next Sunday the ORH medical team of 38 arrived.  This time things were totally different as the clinics were held 4-1/2 hours away in Kasese, where Keith's brother is pastoring.  I packed up our family and spent the week at Matt and Keila's house in order to help them host the team and do the cooking.

Hundreds of people lined up to receive treatment at the church property
Our temperatures here in Masaka can reach the high 90s, but cooking in a kitchen that reached 103 degrees repeatedly was a dripping experience.  It is amazing how one small country can have so many different climates and is so diverse in scenery.  While traveling from Kasese to Kampala we saw forests of pine trees that we didn't know existed here.  Where we live, banana trees surround us.

(To Be Continued)

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