Thursday, April 24, 2014


When visitors leave, we are often blessed with sunscreen, bug repellant, body wash, and other items that they are willing to leave behind in order to have lighter bags and space for souvenirs.  Today I was showing the children the packs of gum that one visitor blessed us with.  Savannah's eyes got big and then she exclaimed,
"We are SO rich!"

What a humbling statement!  Indeed, we ARE rich.  We each have beds with mattresses and blankets for comfortable sleep each night.  We each have several changes of clothes and choices of shoes.  We seldom eat the same meal more than twice a week.  We have sugar for our tea and enjoy hot chocolate on cool mornings.  We have bookshelves full of books and four different musical instruments in our house.  We have a loving leader for our family who loves us and never harms us.  We have about one hundred people who pray for us.  We have churches who support us and keep in touch.  But most of all, we have GOD!  THE God Who provided all of our things for us.  THE God Who lovingly fashioned each one of us and never leaves us.  THE God Who knows each of us by name and is never too busy to listen to us.  THE God Who is supreme.

Have gum?  You Are So Rich!

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