Friday, April 18, 2014


Thursday we attended a birthday party at a baby home down the street from us and had a great time playing with the 32 children.

While each child is adorable, this little boy stole my heart.  He and his twin sister are preemies.  They are now three weeks old and weigh 3 pounds, 13 ounces  and 3 pounds, 1 ounce respectively.

His whole arm isn't even as long as my hand
Their mother died in childbirth, they spent one week in the hospital, and they have now been two weeks in the baby home.  It is such a miracle that they are able to survive with no medical assistance!

His wrist is only as wide as my ring.
Then I thought I would share some miscellaneous shots from our week.  Praise the Lord - He provided the money to replace our radio batteries.  We were grateful for the AMT men to help carry these heavy batteries and help set them up.

The AMT men have also helped with painting and general work around the church.  I believe they are learning that a missionary's life is a lot more than witnessing; there is a lot of physical work involved!

Upon walking into the church on Wednesday, this is what we found - a cat in the offering basket.  Later on during the service, the cat wandered back into the church with a lizard tail sticking out of its mouth.

Living Sacrifice?
 Being so far away, I miss important events in my family's lives.  My oldest niece Rhonda got married on Saturday.  What a beautiful bride!

Rhonda's Wedding
And this is a rare occasion for four generations to be together at once - my dad, my brother, my nephew, and my grand-nephews.

Stevo, Stephen, Willis, Charles, and Cole
We are in the midst of a very intense rainy season with rain every single day for over a week.  Of course, my children really don't mind as their mother is much more lenient in the hot chocolate and chai they drink.  After all, when they sweetly offer to fix mom some, how can she possibly say "no" to them having a cup, too?  What a blessing our children are!

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