Monday, April 7, 2014


Sunday we had a baby dedication for our newest church addition - Cleopas Ssendege.  He was supposed to be born here in Masaka, but his mom Angellah had gone to Kampala for a meeting and went into labor.

We had a great Sunday with 5 visitors, 1 baptized and 2 saved in the service.  Seldom do we see decisions made in church to follow Christ.  The Ugandans are not quick-believers.  Probably 90% of the decisions made happen when we visit them in their homes.

Please pray for our radio station.  Several of the batteries have died and need to be replaced if we are to remain on the air without interruption. Just $400 is remaining of what we need to replace all 16.  Word of Life Radio is listened to.  Yesterday as we were inviting people to church, two people brightened up at the mention of Kitabaazi - the village where our church is located.  Immediately, they said, "Oh, Word of Life Radio!"  It reaches more homes than we can ever visit in our lifetime.  One of the visitors in church yesterday came because of the radio station.

Casualties seem to be following the Stensaases.  In the last three weeks, I have suffered from a bacterial infection that broke out in painful blisters on my face and neck, Shae-Lynn has broken her toe, Dad Stensaas has fractured his ankle, Skyler had a worm that was very much alive when I squeezed it out, and last night I cut off the top of my thumb and patched it back together with super glue.  Let's hope that we see no more injuries this week!

Thank you for praying for us.  Have a great week!

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