Monday, April 14, 2014


Due to our trips to Kampala to pick up guests, Shiloh's birthday celebration was delayed a day and then, seemingly, thrown together.  Good thing my children don't expect miracles out of their mother!  However, we had a great time with extra guests to help celebrate.

Our 12-year old
Shiloh chose a snowflake theme, and since we have had a snowman in the past, we strictly stuck to snowflakes.

Snowflake Rice Krispy Cake
I had asked the Canadian ladies that were coming if they could help me by finding a flute for Shiloh's birthday.  They Did! order to help him learn to play, I am now teaching myself flute. (I gladly welcome any hints and tips from anyone.)  As we began going through the flute book, we discovered that it takes more air to play the flute than any other wind instrument, including the tuba!  Time to do some abdomen-tightening exercises!

Practicing his first two notes - F and G
For two weeks, we have 3 ladies from Canada staying with us who will be spending most of their time helping at a baby home down the street from us.  Mary came with her church group last year and decided to return with her sister and the pastor's daughter.  Then we, also, have 5 men from Advanced Ministry Training who will be helping Keith install the new batteries for the radio station, visiting the village churches, teaching our children's Sunday school classes, and getting a well-rounded hands-on look at the life of a missionary.  What fun it is to enjoy the fellowship of others and for our children to have the opportunity to learn hospitality at young ages.

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