Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Our family has increased in number with the addition of two puppies.  Within two weeks, we have had two of our dogs die of old age, so we were needing to get our dog population built back up.  I am not an animal lover, but dogs are a necessary part of our life here for security purposes.  I had two phone numbers for people who were selling dogs, but the first number I tried did not go through.  I called the second number and learned that they had two litters of German Shepherds ranging in price from $200 - $400.  I knew that we could not afford that much for a dog, but as I was thanking the gentleman for his help, he added, "We do have two runts that we would be willing to just give to a good home."  Hmmm....let me think on that price!  Isn't God good!  He allowed the first number that I tried not to go through, and He provided two dogs within our price range.  (And guess who it was giving them baths last night and fixing their breakfast this morning!)

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