Monday, August 9, 2010


Have you ever wondered just how much of a difference little things make? 

When the ORH medical team visited in May, one of the ladies brought a couple of packages of glo sticks for the kids.  As she saw the kids get all excited about them, she said, "Oh, those are so cheap.  I paid just $1 for a packet of 12."  Yet those simple "night lights" have been a big help during our two weeks of no electricity.  Being able to hang one of them on the bathroom door or let the younger children sleep with one has brought a comfort light to the dark nights. 

Thank you for your prayers for us concerning our electricity, but please don't stop.  No work was done yesterday because the man in charge was sick.  Then to add to the problem, there is no petro in all of Masaka or its surrounding villages.  The fuel that is in our generator now is all that we have left.  But we do not feel forsaken.  Our God is still in control.  Instead of focusing on what we can't do without electricity, we have found that we are able to stay just as busy as before.  Electricity greatly helps our lives, but it doesn't control us.

Keith setting up meetings for furlough

If you would like to do a little thing and be a big blessing, could you send a birthday greeting to Keith on Wednesday, the 11th?  ( If anyone can figure out how to send a real double whopper with cheese or a glass of ice via e-mail, that would make his day!

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