Thursday, August 12, 2010


For the last two days, Keith has left the house immediately after breakfast and has been gone all day.  Thus, we celebrated his birthday at breakfast yesterday and Skyler's birthday this morning at breakfast.  My kids think it is great eating birthday cake so early in the morning (and no one had better tell my pastor's wife).  It was hard for Skyler to decide on the shape of his cake, so I decided for him and chose a monkey since that is what we affectionately call him: Monkey Man.  However, it was the most hurried cake I have had to do, as Keith informed me this morning that he wanted me to accompany him in showing some visiting pastors around today. 

Some of Skyler's presents

Something fun that I have started doing is to include an incentive when we give our children books as gifts.  In the back, I attach a post-it note with a message stating that they will receive so much money when they complete the book. This ensures that the learning doesn't get pushed aside so quickly in favor of the toys.

Grace Christian School End of 2nd Term Performance

As I mentioned, we had four pastors visiting from Tennessee and also two men who help sponsor our orphans.  This morning our school put on a short performance for them, and then we took the visitors out to the village of Mbira to show them where we will be building a new orphanage.  It was an encouragement to us to see their zeal and to share with them the vision we have.  After lunch, Keith dropped me off and continued his journey to Entebbe to take the pastors to the airport.  He will pick up Brother Ron Reece later tonight, and they will return tomorrow.  We are praying that we will have our electricity back before then.  Last we heard was that workers had to take the transformer back down off the pole as it was not working right. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to Skyler from missionary friends in Ukraine!