Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yellow because I'm Keith's Yellow Rose of Texas.  Red because he loves me so much.

How special I feel.  This year my birthday celebration lasted for over a week.  Nearly every day, I was presented with a gift.  When Keith returned from Kampala on the 13th, he brought me two large bouquets of roses for my birthday.  (We can't get fresh flowers here in Masaka, so he was sure to plan ahead.)  On the 15th, Brother Ron Reece, who is visiting us on a survey trip, blessed our family with many gifts, including a birthday gift from him and his wife.  Shae-Lynn and Shane gave me their presents on Wednesday, the 18th. 

Gathering at Mom & Dad's house in Mbarara.
Keith's family always has prank gifts for him.

Keith gave me one of his presents on the 19th, and then while we were in Mbarara, we celebrated all of the August birthdays on the 20th at Mom & Dad's.

Savannah enjoyed helping me unwrap.

Shae-Lynn was determined that I have our traditional rice crispy cake, so on Monday the 23rd she made me an elephant.  I think she did an excellent job for her first rice crispy creation.  It won't be long before I can retire and let her design all of the birthday cakes.

What a cute birthday cake designed by Shae-Lynn.

Thank You, Lord, for another year to serve You - the Giver of life, the Lover of my soul.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sally! So great to see you have such a loving, caring family!

  2. Hope all the August birthdays were good ones!! We love you and pray for you. I see you make comments about furlough. When is that supposed to be??