Tuesday, October 2, 2012


When we first came to Masaka several years ago, we were the only white people.  Now, there are so many that we don't even know them all.  There are two families that periodically attend our church - an English couple and a Greek/American family.  Two weeks ago the Greek family was moving to a new house, so Keith and the boys went to help.  As they were working, they asked Keith if he would be interested in a mirror.  It had been given to them while on deputation, but they had never found a place for it.  Imagine my surprise when Keith brought home an Ethan Allen mirror.  It wouldn't fit any of our dressers, but it sure does look awesome in our living room.  It is so heavy that Keith and I could barely lift it up on this shelf that he made for it.

Did we need this expensive mirror?  No.  Do we like it?  Definitely!  Does our God take pleasure in delighting His children?  For sure. 

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