Sunday, October 7, 2012


She has been counting down the days with stickers on the calendar for the past month.  She has been so excited for her birthday to arrive. And now?  My "baby" is 5 years old!  She has inherited her parents' height, so the ladies at church were having a hard time believing that she was ONLY five. 

Savannah is such a joy to our family and keeps us laughing.  She loves to steal "my honey" from me and lavish him with hugs and kisses in an attempt to make me jealous.  She is determined not to let her status as a girl hinder her from competing with her brothers, but then at other times she tries to play the baby-of-the-family card to get what she wants.  She is very devoted to her sister and strives to do things that will please her.  No matter what I'm doing, she wants to help, so I often keep small jobs tucked away in the back of my mind for her times of needing to feel helpful. 

We are very blessed to have this bundle of joy in our family, and we are looking forward to seeing her grow in character and godliness this coming year.  We love you, Savannah Jo!


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  1. Happy Birthday Savannah! We hope you had a great birthday. Kind of thought the birthday cake would be in the shape of a shoe! :)

    With much Love, The Reece's