Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 How privileged we are to be able to be here in Uganda as they celebrate 50 years of independence.  We have been praying, planning, and preparing for this day for nearly three months.  This morning we had a special service at Masaka Independent Baptist Church with a specific outreach to the lost. 

By 12:30 the auditorium was packed!
We were praying for 200 people.  We ended up with 173 adults and at least 50 children. 

We gave away 6 Ugandan flags as part of the prizes.
 For the first hour, we had a time of Uganda trivia with prizes. We gave away 2 quilts, 2 solar-powered-fixed-frequency radios, 6 Ugandan flags, and 5 Ugandan lapel pins.  When we went shopping in Kampala two weeks ago, we looked everywhere for Ugandan decorations and gifts.  We found the flags and lapel pins being sold by a hawker on the street and the balloons in the store (although only one store in the whole city had the black). That was all the Ugandan items we could find. We bought material locally, and I sewed the 11 yards of bunting.
He's my man!  Such a great preacher.  Such a great heart for the people.
Keith preached on being "Free Indeed," and 4 people came forward to be saved.  Praise the Lord! 

Every little bit of shade was filled with people.
After feeding on the Word of God, we fed everyone a large meal of rice, beef, matoke, cabbage, and g-nut sauce.

The Stensaas Family showing our Ugandan colors.
 We are so thankful for all who prayed for this day and prayed for us.  Although this morning on my way to the church to decorate I saw a group of riot police and army soldiers, we haven't heard or seen any disturbance from problem groups.  Pray for us as we try to visit so many visitors in the coming weeks.

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Great report, Sally, and your decorations looked great! So glad to hear you exceeded your attendance goal and that 4 were saved. How exciting!!!