Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rubber Bands & White Skin, Too

Today was our ladies soul winning time, so I drove the ten of us to the village of Kijjabwemi.  The kids seemed to be enamored with me today.  One group of children that was following me around was fascinated with the skin on my feet.  They would bend down to touch it, pinch it, and then push at the veins.  I would quickly pull my foot back which would start them giggling, and the process would begin again.  After this group left us, a group of three took their place.  One little boy wanted to hold my hand, which is highly unusual, as many times, small children run off screaming when they see a white person up close.  As we were walking around holding hands, he noticed the rubber band on my arm that I had taken off of the stack of tracts.  I took it off and showed him how to shoot it.  His head swung around trying to find where it had gone.  I went through the steps again with his sister giving her another rubber band I had.  They were elated to receive such a fascinating gift, and it was fun watching them try to shoot it.  Hopefully, they will enjoy just shooting it in the yard and not discover the fine art of rubber band fights!  We praise the Lord for the two people saved!

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