Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Two of the competitors: Henry & Frank

About twice a year our church gathers together for an evening of fun.  This past Friday we had our own miniature World Cup.  All of the benches were pushed against the walls for the spectators, and the goals were set up in the middle of the auditorium.  It was a little more difficult for the players to maneuver the balls as we alternated between a balloon ball and a blow-up beach ball, but the fans were able to participate, also, in getting to kick or throw the ball anytime it came close to them.

Second Place: Stephen & First Place: Robert

The medals were made by gluing two lid tops together with ribbon in between, and the trophy was two bottles of soda.  Each player was also given a large sucker.

Ladies & Children Enjoying the Meal

Everyone had a great time, and a great meal.  We love our church family!

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