Friday, July 30, 2010


We have now passed the 2-day mark of no electricity.  Now what does that have to do with complexion cream?  Our electricity is turned off frequently.  During the outages, thieves take advantage of these times to steal from the the electric company - whether it be poles, wiring, or oil.  Tuesday, when our electricity was turned off, someone drained the oil from the transformer that services our neighborhood.  Hence, when electricity was restored, the transformer burned up.  This oil is sold in the market to use in their homemade welding machines or as skin-lightening cream.  Now doesn't that sound like a commercial in the making!  No one has been able to tell us if this oil truly does work to lighten the skin color, but people seem to buy it as this is the third time we have had this happen.  So...for those of you who want to be whiter, stop by your local market today for your freshly drained oil!

Must hurry and finish using appliances before we turn off the generator.  Thank you, God, for our generator!

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