Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Furlough is coming to an end, but we are blessed by the many memories we have made.

At one of the homes we stayed at, we were able to enjoy some paddle boats while trying to spot a red-headed snake that would periodically poke his head up.

The race is on!
A stop at Lambert's Cafe is a given on the furlough trail.  Who needs to order a meal with the delicious throwed rolls and free sides?

We ended up having enough leftovers for lunch the next day.
It is always nice to find an outdoor park to enjoy, and this particular one was beautiful - complete with a miniature Statue of Liberty.

Wow - our children have really grown, right?
Sight and Sound Theaters is another stop we love to make on the furlough trail.  We were treated to a personal behind-the-scenes tour by one of the workers there.

Amazing special effects!
Life carries on with milestones.  Skyler is thrilled to have passed his sister in height and will probably pass me up by Christmas.  Shiloh has squeezed passed Stanley, so we will see if he catches up with Shane.

Skyler's "Little" Sister
We ask your prayers as these next four weeks will be stressful with the packing, appointments, decision making, saying good-byes, and flying out.  We need to remember to smile during these times.

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