Tuesday, May 23, 2017


This was the first time in 22 years of motherhood for me to be away from all of my children on Mother's Day.  Keith and I were blessed by the generosity of an Alaskan church to fly both of us to Alaska for a meeting that just happened to be on Mother's Day.  However, my children had many surprises awaiting for me when we returned, and I enjoyed each one.  In return, I thought I would write this post as a letter to them, my six blessings:

Dear Children,

I have been blessed.  So abundantly!  I love each one of you so much!  As I look back on the past 22 years of wearing the title "Mom," I smile.  I laugh.  We have made precious memories together.  

Remember --

- The child who emptied the whole bookshelf into the laundry basket
- The one who rinsed his toothbrush in the diaper pail
- The one who was actually named Seaton
- The fearless 4-year old warrior who proudly showed me the snake he had killed with a rock
- The baby who was 17 days overdue
- The quiet child who cut up the living room curtains and emptied 2 boxes of cereal because he was being neglected as I schooled the others
- The one who insisted on wearing mismatched shoes
- The baby who spit up so much that I changed my clothes up to 3 times a day
- The baby who liked to be held upside down

Remember all the chameleons, puppies, and roach and tick invasions?

You have lived through hair lice, chicken pox, maggots, giardia, mysterious rashes, a near drowning, a dogbite, and a fractured wrist and rib.  You have been in 42 states, crossed the equator more times than we can count, rafted the Nile, and had your picture in thousands of homes.  

I have been your seamstress, baker, encourager, teacher, party planner, nurse, doctor, comforter, travel coordinator, cook, camp director, and librarian.  I have loved "being there" for you.  Even as you go off to college and forget the time change and message me at 2:00 am,  I love to talk to you.  Even when I lose half a night's sleep staying up with you, I love to be the one to care for you.  

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.  It is one of the hardest callings on earth.  As each of you leave the home, the heart strings are pulled tighter as the miles between us grow.  This time of life is difficult.  However, I am thankful that the distance doesn't erase my title.  I'm your mom always.  

I love you Shane, Stanley, Shae-Lynn, Shiloh, Skyler, and Savannah.  

Thanks for calling me "Mom."

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  1. Well said, Sally! And you've done an awesome job! You have truly been blessed...and so have they!!! ~Tanya Ard~ ��