Wednesday, October 12, 2016

JULY 2016 (Catching Up)

With just one month before leaving on furlough, July continued with speed.  We praise the Lord that our two youngest took the important step to be baptized, both having trusted Christ as their Savior quite a while ago.  They are not water-lovers as my older children are, so they have been fearing getting "dunked."

Amid the chaos of packing up our house before leaving, we had a multi-family yard sale.  We praise the Lord for all that was sold, especially since yard sales are not a Ugandan thing.  We were able to give each of the kids some money for spending upon arrival to the States, and to give Stanley some for starting Bible college.

As a mom, one thing that I love to see is camaraderie amongst my children.  I want them to be best friends with each other.  To see them serve the Lord together brings such joy to my heart.  Shae-Lynn manages to get her siblings to sing specials with her every once in a while that we all enjoy to hear.

One Sunday when my daughter spotted a new baby in the congregation, she begged me to go with her to meet the mom.  When the mother told me the baby's name was "Abraham," I said, "Oh, that is a good Bible name."  Then she replied, "His whole name is Abraham Lincoln."  I'm not sure how she came to learn about Abraham Lincoln, but Shae-Lynn now can say she has met and held Abraham Lincoln!

One of the hard things we face are the many "good-byes" we must say as missionaries.  Savannah and her friend had a play date together and enjoyed some silliness before having to say "good-bye."  These two have been together since they were born.

Another tough "good-bye" was leaving my soul winning team.  These young ladies are very close to my heart as I have led all but one to the Lord and have discipled them all.  It is very tough leaving them behind, but I know they will continue to be faithful in their witnessing.

The Lord has blessed our children with other MKs (missionary kids) in our same town.  They are able to see each other every week, so having to tell their friends "good-bye" was difficult for them.

Being a missionary, you learn to do many things yourself.  I have cut our family's hair since Keith and I got married.  However, during this last month, I decided we were going to splurge and take all the boys to a barber.  They all looked very sharp for our departure!

In all of our furloughs we have taken, we have never used our full luggage allowance in going TO the States.  We broke that record this time.  In helping Keith's parents bring their remaining things from Uganda, moving Stanley to the States, and bringing things for other people -- we were maxed out with our luggage.  We made quite the line going through check-in.

July 31st we boarded our plane and left Uganda for our 4th furlough.  Please pray for all we left behind.  It is very difficult stepping away from the ministries, friends, and our life for many months.  Pray for all that we face.  We will be traveling coast to coast, sharing with churches, friends, and family all that God has done in Uganda.  Pray for our safety and for our health.  We look forward to seeing each of you!

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