Sunday, October 16, 2016

AUGUST 2016 (Catching Up)

We left our home in Uganda on July 31st and landed in the States on August 1.  During our layover in Dubai, Keith found his favorite fast food restaurant - Burger King - and got his whopper.   After Keith and the boys had walked the airport for awhile, they came back with a very excited Skyler.  "Mom, you should see the watering holes that you can actually drink from!"  I think he has tried every drinking fountain from Ft. Worth to where we are.

We all tasted his whopper, but it wasn't very impressive.
One of the most heart-breaking moments was when our plane touched down in Ft. Worth, and while everyone was standing up getting their luggage down, our youngest sat down in her seat, stared out the window, and started crying.  "I want to go home," she told me between sobs.  It is very hard leaving our home, pets, friends, and ministries.  It is hard feeling totally lost in a country that we are citizens of.  It is hard living out of a suitcase, sleeping in a different bed 4-5 times a week, and having to be the bold ones in introducing ourselves over and over again.  We need your prayers and understanding as we travel on furlough.  It isn't easy.  However, we understand the importance of personally thanking our partners in the ministry (the many churches and individuals) who have supported us and have enabled us to serve our Heavenly Father in another country.

Upon our arrival to Austin, it was so good to see our son Shane, as well as other family members and friends.  Our church family spoiled us with numerous meals, gift cards, and love and care.

One of my older sisters and my niece
The four brothers I used to babysit when they were little.
August is our busy birthday month, but while we are on furlough, I don't make any cakes.  Keith and Skyler first celebrated their birthdays with lots of ice cream, and a donut cake for Skyler.  Yes, I am that mom that allowed donuts for breakfast.

You can tell by the dark windows that we are having a late-night celebration.
Happy 12 Years, Skyler.
Then on the 19th, Keith and I went to Corpus Christi for a getaway.  A church member loaned us his convertible, and a supporting church paid for our hotel room and a visit to the aquarium.

The warm Texas sun felt good in the midst of all the rain.
Amazing the size of a shark's mouth!
Upon our return to Austin on the 20th, Keith dropped me off at a church member's house where the ladies had prepared a grand birthday party for me.  I have never had such a big celebration.  I was surrounded by friends who have known me for very long, who have prayed for me, and who have loved my family.

The flower "cake" was so pretty!
These crazy ladies performed special songs for me.
The ice cream bar was delicious!
The end of August Keith flew to our first meeting, and then the day after he returned, we all began our furlough traveling.  We traveled through rain until we left the Texas border.  The rest of the states we have traveled through have been very dry.

A dinosaur bone at one of the welcome centers.
It was very difficult driving away from our two oldest sons while we took to the road.  This is the first time for us to travel with just four of our children.  Please keep our college sons in your prayers as you pray for the rest of us traveling.

We look forward to seeing many of you soon.  Thank you for your love toward us.


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  1. It was such a joy and privilege for us to see you and meet your children. What a precious family you have! We especially enjoyed having Savannah spend the afternoon in our home!!!