Sunday, August 28, 2016

MAY 2016 (Catching Up)

Two of these men trusted Christ as their Savior.
Each week I take my soul winning team out on Sunday evenings and visit the housing for the police officers and the prison guards.  These are called barracks and are separated by an open sewage drainage ditch.  It can be difficult staying encouraged because so often they have to work every other Sunday, and then they are often transferred to other villages.  However, I have a great time with my team, and we have seen many saved.

Discipleship is so enjoyable!
Church planting is one of our main goals as missionaries, and we are thrilled to now have a preaching point established in Mutukulu on the Tanzanian border.  It has been exciting to see the Lord provide the money to rent a store front, to see Him provide chairs, and to see people start getting saved.  Although we have prayed about this village for some time, it was when a man called our radio station from Mutukulu begging someone to come preach to them that one of our men volunteered to go.

Members of our town church joined with the new church to clean out the store front.
Not surprisingly, babies are one of Shae-Lynn's favorite things.  Since she has given up hope of her mom having anymore, she has now told Shane that he must hurry up and get married so that she can become an aunt.  I don't think she is thinking of the miles that separate us.

Baby Martha and Shae-Lynn
Uganda had a yellow fever outbreak with our district being one of the two main places affected.  As a result, our district gave free yellow fever immunizations for four days.  As you can see in the picture below, a clinic site can consist of a table, bench, and two nurses in the middle of a field.

The trees provided a welcome shade on a very hot day.
Another goal we have is to train men to be preachers and to be able to pastor churches.  We were privileged this month to ordain two of our faithful men to the ministry.  Both of these men began attending our church as teenagers, so it is exciting to see them continue on in service to our Lord.

Pastor Paul Sserunjogi
Pastor Charles Ddungu and his wife Beatrice
My children are such a blessing to me, and I am very thankful we are close as a family and that we get to spend so much time together.  I love being a mom!

Mother's Day 2016 in Uganda

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