Saturday, August 27, 2016

APRIL 2016 (Catching Up)

If there was ever an award for the most belated blogger, I could win it hands down!  However, I am determined to catch up!

Savannah is our flower girl - not in a wedding, but in loving flowers.  I do, too, but really have a hard time getting them to grow and survive in the dry season.  I walked into my room one day to find this bouquet and note from my sweet daughter.

A priceless bouquet - picked with love
Shiloh has turned 14 and is quite elated that he seems to be following his oldest brother in height.

Shiloh's cake request - an eagle!

Shiloh is now taller than our African Director Bro. Bohman
Being the mom, I am usually the one behind the camera, so there are few pictures of me.  My kids snapped this one of me preparing to teach my Ladies Sunday School class.

Honorable Hands - the Mother's Day Lesson
Uganda is progressing in fast food.  We not only have Kentucky Fried Chicken, but also Pizza Hut now!

My Handsome Man!
We enjoyed having three men from the Advanced Ministry Training program with us, and they are always such a big blessing to us in our children's programs, special music, and special projects.

The AMT men sang several specials for us
We also had a Canadian visitor, and for some reason our van insisted on breaking down every time we tried to take him to visit a village or to go some place.  We have never had so much trouble with our van in just a two-week time.  He truly got the ultimate African experience.

There's our van on one of the times it was being towed

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