Tuesday, August 12, 2014


When children are born on the mission field, the 5th, 10th, and 15th birthdays are noticed more than usual.  Why?  New passports!  Skyler has reached the milestone of his third passport.  We have some good laughs going back through old passport photos.

Swim Time
As I mentioned yesterday, Skyler shared his birthday party with Keith last Friday.  He decided on a volcano cake for his party.  One problem, though, was that I had a terrible time getting the lava to turn from pink to red.  I ended up using so much food coloring that it made the frosting taste awful.  No problem.  We just scraped off any red and ate the chocolate cake.

The volcano is on fire!
Because rice krispies and marshmallows are very expensive here, I only make the rice crispy cakes for our family.  I thought I would just make another volcano, but Skyler decided he wanted something different and chose a turtle.

10 year old Turtle

Looking back through the past year of photos, I came to the realization that I need to make it a point to take at least one photo of each child each month.  Either that or hire a photographer to follow us around!  Sad to say, I couldn't find many pictures of Skyler!

Skyler, Charles and Shiloh
Skyler is our "Energizer Bunny."  He loves to play and play.  Yet when he sets his mind to getting something done, he really does a great job at it.

Hard at work removing the old window screens
I think if he had been a first or second born, I would have been too worn out to chase after any more children!  Everyday he asks us to play tetherball or basketball with him.

Hmmm...I think he might be trying to roll his tongue
We love you, Skyler, and pray that you allow God to use you in a great way in your life.


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