Saturday, July 19, 2014


It is hard to believe that it has only been a week since the World Cup Final.  However, our bodies are grateful.  With the games being played halfway around the world, some of them lasted until 2:00 in the morning for us.  Keith always opens up our house to our church members during the World Cup, and they are welcome to come over anytime to watch the games, and we provide soda and popcorn.  For the final game, though, we projected the game onto a large screen in our living room and provided supper for over 50 people who came.

First, however, there is the preparation.  I just happened to have several helpers on hand.

Skyler cut out soccer balls to hang on the walls.

Shiloh made a soccer-ball chain that we hung in the living room.

Shae-Lynn made the answer key for one of the pre-games we had for the Ugandans to play.

Stanley helped me make tags for the straws and miniature flags for the corn bread muffins.

Keith assembled the kebabs.  This is the only picture we have of the little flags that we used for the cornbread muffins.

Then it was time to cook.

Keith grilled the meat. Thanks, CCBC visitors, for the grill!

This is the g-nut sauce. It made quite the mess, but it is SO good!

Sarah cutting pineapple.
These ladies cooked a large pot of rice outside.

I snitched one of the first kebabs for the cooks in the kitchen to sample.

Then it was time to eat and cheer for our teams!

This is a calm picture.  Any of the exciting pictures were just too blurry from all of the movement.

We praise the Lord for a house that enables us to host so many people.

Neither Keith nor I are "football" fans (soccer to Americans), but we enjoyed cheering for the U.S. and African teams.  We had such a great time of fellowship together, and our church members greatly enjoyed it, too.  Perhaps in 2018 we will see one of the teams we cheer for actually win!

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