Friday, July 25, 2014


Sally discipling Judith. Patience discipling Steven.
One of the great joys we experience is being able to disciple those whom we have seen saved.  But even greater still is seeing those we have discipled began to disciple others.  My soul winning partner is a lady I led to the Lord several years ago.  Last year I had the privilege of discipling four teenagers who are now on our soul winning team, too.  The joy of it all - all four of them right now are discipling children we have recently seen saved.

Patience discipling Steven.
A couple of weeks ago when I arrived at the prison/police barracks, a girl who has faithfully been coming to church came running up to me saying, "I want to get saved today."  It was my privilege to lead her to the Lord and to start discipling her.  While I disciple Judith, one of the teenagers I disciple hangs around waiting until I can talk with her.  When another child expressed desire to start discipleship, Patience eagerly asked if she could be the one to work with him.

Eli - the ever-present fun distraction.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to train these young ladies.  Please pray for this young generation of Christians that they will greatly influence their country for Christ.

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