Sunday, January 5, 2014


Tonny, Keith, Oscar and Jimmy
This picture may not look exciting, but, believe me, it brings MUCH excitement to my heart.  The three men you see with Keith are converts that my partner and I have been discipling.  None of them have completed the whole discipleship course, but they already are faithful to go soulwinning each week with us, and today they registered for our Tri-Annual Bible Institute.  TBI is our week-long, intensive college training that we hold three times a year for pastors, leaders or students who can't leave their current situations to attend regular college.  These men are eager learners.  Tonny will probably complete his discipleship course next week.  He is in the one who introduced us to Oscar and Jimmy. 

I disciple one lady and three teenage girls that are in this group
Oscar is the brother of twin teenage girls that I have been discipling, who will also be completing their courses within the next two weeks.  One of the girls, Doris, led her friend Harriet to the Lord last week, and she started discipleship today.  I will be coaching Doris as she now becomes the teacher to her friend.  Abigail, another teenage girl, completed her courses three weeks ago, has led two of her friends to the Lord and is discipling one of them.  Oh, and did I mention - one lady and two men trusted Christ as their Savior tonight?  It is so exciting to see fruit bearing fruit. 

To God be the glory, great things he hast done and continues to do.

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