Friday, January 10, 2014


Training a new photographer
The week of our Tri-Annual Bible Institute went very well as Keith and his brother Matt taught 39 students concerning the charismatic movement.  Keith tries to expose the village pastors to as much hands-on experiences concerning the ministry as possible.  When we had our missions conference, we brought in several of the village pastors/leaders to learn about grace-giving.  This week was no different.  Keith purposely scheduled a graduation and ordination service as the final night of TBI.

Tri-Annual Bible Institute Students
Any large church event causes me to die to self and make cakes.  I feel so inadequate and would love to get some training, but for now God desires to keep me humble in efforts. And this time, God decided to make the crowd really big to give me the full "joy" of decorating and baking. 

Not only did we have our church people, but also the 39 TBI students, a group from Pastor Henry's church to see him get ordained, and then the guests of the graduates.  The smaller cakes I always give to each graduate to take home, and I did the same for Pastor Henry, too.

 We are very thankful for the faithfulness of our two graduates - Jude and Paul.  

Angela, Jude and Chloe

Paul and Keith.  Paul has been in our church for 17 years!
And a double blessing for tonight was the ordination of Ssebanja Henry.  We praise the Lord for the faithfulness, dedication, and God-honoring lives of the Ssebanja family.  We look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to use Pastor Henry as he pastors Mbirizi Baptist Church.  How exciting it was to see him baptize for the first time tonight, also.

Ordaining Pastors are Keith, Marlin, Robert & Matt.  Henry's wife is standing nearby.
After being ordained, Pastor Henry baptized two converts from his church.
It has been a very full and fulfilling week.  We are thankful for the Lord allowing us to serve Him.  How unworthy we are! 

Training servers.  What a blessing to have my children working for God.

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