Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I think, perhaps, that this is the first time ever for me to post an early birthday.  This year, the birthdays we have in February, March and April all fell on Thursday, and Keith and I have been/will be gone for all of them.  Shiloh's birthday is this Thursday, so we celebrated it tonight as we had already invited the Petersen family over for supper.  His cake request was 11 packing boxes. That may seem a strange one, right? However, he wanted to remember our move. Yes, we are moving (more on that later).

The dump truck loaded with packing boxes. The real packing boxes behind him.
Instead of just handing him his present, I decided to make a game for him to play out of 11 packing boxes.  He had to try to guess what box his present was in. For every missed box, he had to put a piece of gum in his mouth.  I believe that wad in his mouth was 7 pieces before he guessed the right one!

What a mouthful!
With Shiloh's diabetes, he certainly gets more one-on-one time with me, more restrictions in his life, and more pain.  However, I believe God has used his situation to make him more loving, too.  Several times a day, he gives me hugs and tells me that he loves me.  I love to hear him pray out loud because he really thinks about what he says and is truly meaningful in his words.  He likes to draw and read books, even books written on a much higher grade level than he is.

When first told to "blow," he thought we meant to blow a bubble with the gum. He was unsuccessful at that.
His note to Keith and I last week said,

Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for taking care of me and providing for me and my brothers and sisters. Thank you for teaching us. I love you both. Love, Shiloh

We love you, too, Shiloh! Happy 11th Birthday!

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  1. You are so creative! I really like the idea of guessing the right birthday box :) Although, I think my kids would try to miss just to get a piece of gum.