Saturday, August 13, 2011


Skyler chose Lucky Charms as his birthday cereal.
Last week someone asked how we came up with the name "Skyler," and I had to admit that we thumbed through the baby name book after he was born to re-name him.  We had named him Seton at birth, but the Ugandans pronounce the "e" as a long "a."  Well, that was a little embarrassing for them to be announcing on our radio station, "We would like to congratulate Pastor Keith and Mamma Shane on the birth of their son Satan."  So, after a day of hearing them call our little man "Satan," we decided a name change was in order.

Yes, he really did shoot this gun.  It nearly knocked him off his feet.
Very unusual to see him still.
Skyler is the Energizer bunny of the family that never runs down.  He has so much energy that we have to be sure to provide an outlet for it each day.  He loves to play ball and wrestle with his dad.  He is hesitant about trying something new but will embrace adventure when he is assured that it is safe.  We are so blessed with him being a part of our family.  We love you, Skyler.

Two heads are better than one?
Using a salt shaker to break open peanuts.

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  1. Looks like you all are having a wonderful furlough! What a blessing! Love ya and always enjoy your blog!