Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One of the blessings of missionaries is seeing new churches started.  What is really exciting is to see the nationals answer the call of God to step out in faith and begin churches on their own.  Brother JJ Kalanzi and his family has done this 30 minutes from our Masaka church in the village of Mbira.  This is an area where many of our orphans have come from, and the church was begun as a result of several of the orphan guardians getting saved.  The Kalanzi family is doing a great work for God, and the devil is not happy.

Two weeks ago, Brother JJ brought 15 new Christians to our Wednesday evening service to be baptized.  Praise the Lord!  On his return back to Masaka from taking them home, four men threw a log in front of his vehicle, forcing him to stop.  They pulled him from his Prado and began searching it for cash and cell phones.  Brother JJ fought the one man guarding him and then ran into the bush.  He waited in the dark for about three hours before the men left, and he was able to return home.

This morning during their church service, one of the men noticed something in the beams.  After realizing what he was seeing, him and some other men started clearing the church out.  The church members thought, "We must be having a visitor!"  Whenever a special guest comes to church, it is customary for everyone to line the driveway, then sing and clap as the visitor arrives.  Then they realized that the visitor was already in the church.  The men knocked down and killed a six-foot snake.  I'm not sure of the exact type it was, but they call it a monkey-eating snake.  Praise God for His protection on this church this morning.  Remember to pray for JJ & Harriet Kalanzi and Mbira Baptist Church.

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  1. The Kalanzi family is such a beautiful family! I pray for God's protection and blessings on them all of the days of their life...